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IJS Workshop Series Trinity 2018

Unless stated otherwise, all talks are held on Thursdays at 7pm in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin.

Sonja Heppner, Trinity College Dublin | 12th April
‘The Self-Perpetuating Nature of Arbitral Law-Making in Investor-State Arbitration: Cause and Consequences’

Dáire McCormack-George, Trinity College Dublin | 26th April
‘The Right to Work in Irish Law’

David McIlroy, Forum Chambers | 10th May
‘Law, Social Institutions and the Common Good’

Eoin Daly, NUI Galway | 24th May
‘Translating Popular Sovereignty as Unfettered Constitutional Amendability’

Call for Papers – Trinity Workshop Series 2018

The Irish Jurisprudence Society is delighted to open a call for presenters for our Trinity Workshop Series 2018, which will run approximately between early April and mid-June.

The Irish Jurisprudence Society welcomes papers on any topic in legal theory in the wide sense of that phrase (see the past events at this website for details of previous workshops).

If you would like to present at a workshop please send a provisional title and a short abstract to the conveners at by no later than 12th March.

Workshops will follow the usual IJS format: the author’s paper is circulated one week in advance to IJS members; at the workshop, the author has up to 40 minutes to present his or her paper followed by an hour or so of discussion.

The venue for these workshops will be the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin. The time will be 7pm on Thursdays. The dates for individual workshops are flexible and will be worked out with speakers.

IJS Workshop Series Hilary 2018

Unless stated otherwise, all talks are held on Thursdays at 7pm in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin.

Tarunabh KhaitanThe University of Oxford | 18th January 2018
‘Directive Principles and the Expressive Accommodation of Ideological Dissenters’

Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov, The University of Surrey 1st February 2018
‘Duress as Excused Voluntary Action: an Opposition to Hyman’

Li-kung (Ken) Chen, Trinity College Dublin 15th February 2018
‘On Time as an Element of the State’

Conor Crummey, University College London22nd February 2018
‘Constitutions and the Moral Impact Theory of Law’

Alexander Heinze, The University of Göttingen8th March 2018
‘Kant, Cosmopolitan Law and the Rome Statute as a Constitution’

IJS workshop schedule spring 2017

Dr Thomas McMorrow, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, ‘MAiD in Canada? Debating the Constitutionality of Canada’s New Medical Assistance in Dying Law’  23rd February 2017
Mr David Campbell, Trinity College Dublin; ‘Crime/Tort distinction through lenses of Result Focused and Conduct Focused Duties’  9th March 2017
Dr David Kenny, Trinity College Dublin ‘Global Law and Phrenology’ 23rd March 2017
Mr Rian Derrig, European University Institute, ‘Public Policy’ 6th April 2017
Dr Eoin Daly, NUI Galway; TBC   20th April 2017
Professor Garrett Barden, professor emeritus, University College Cork, ‘De Regula Iuris’ 4th May 2017
Papers will be circulated approximately one week in advance.
The workshops will run from 7pm to (latest) 9pm and in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin. 

IJS winter workshop schedule 2016

We are delighted to announce the schedule for the Winter workshop series of the Irish Jurisprudence Society:


Dr William Phelan, Trinity College Dublin, ‘The revolutionary doctrines of European law and the legal philosophy of Robert Lecourt’: 3rd November 2016
Professor Scott Sundby, University of Miami,  ‘The Rugged Individual’s Guide to the Bill of Rights: How the Supreme Court’s Idealized Citizen Shapes, Influences, and Excludes the Exercise of Constitutional Rights’ 17th November 2016
Professor Garrett Barden, ‘De Regula Iuris’: 1st December 2016 (**this is a changed date from previously noted**)
Dr Alexander Heinze, University of Göttingen, ‘Blurred Lines- The dissolution of the divide between substantive and procedural law through the goals of International Criminal Justice’: 15th December 2016
The workshops will run from 7pm to (latest) 9pm and in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated approximately one week in advance.

Workshop series schedule: Spring 2016

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Spring 2016 series of Irish Jurisprudence Society workshops:

18 Feb 2016: Michael Sevel, Sydney Law School, ‘Obeying the Law’
25 Feb 2016: Tim Murphy, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ‘Legal Violence and Legal Authority’

10 March 2016: Catherine Dupré, University of Exeter, ‘The Inviolability of Human Dignity’

24 March 2016: Robert Noonan, Ussher Fellow, Trinity College Dublin, ‘Judicial Review, Declarations of Unconstitutionality and the Existence of Law in Time: Some Tensions in Hartian Legal Positivism’

7 April 2016: Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov, Swansea University, ‘A Philosophy of Omissions’

21 April 2016: Ioanna Tourkochoriti, NUI Galway, ‘Human dignity: a legal value? Transatlantic disagreement in its definition and protection’

The workshops will run from 7pm to (at the latest) 9pm in the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated about one week in advance.