IJS Workshop Series Hilary 2018

Unless stated otherwise, all talks are held on Thursdays at 7pm in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin.

Tarunabh KhaitanThe University of Oxford | 18th January 2018
‘Directive Principles and the Expressive Accommodation of Ideological Dissenters’

Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov, The University of Surrey 1st February 2018
‘Duress as Excused Voluntary Action: an Opposition to Hyman’

Li-kung (Ken) Chen, Trinity College Dublin 15th February 2018
‘On Time as an Element of the State’

Conor Crummey, University College London22nd February 2018
‘Constitutions and the Moral Impact Theory of Law’

Alexander Heinze, The University of Göttingen8th March 2018
‘Kant, Cosmopolitan Law and the Rome Statute as a Constitution’

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