Spring 2014 Workshop schedule

The line up for the forthcoming series:
20 February 2014
Prof Garrett Barden, ‘The Great Oversight’
6 March 2014

Dr Bebhinn Donnelly, ‘Intention as Intentional Action; Some Implications for Attempts’

20 March 2014
Dr James Gallen, ‘The Circumstances of Transition’

3 April 2014
Dr Liz Heffernan, ‘Theorising Hearsay’
17 April 2014
Dr Eoin Daly, ‘Adjudication and symbolic power in complex societies: Rousseau on judging and lawyering’
1 May 2014

Ms Christine Ryan, ‘Making visible the ‘dissensus’ between the denial of reproductive freedom and the promise of substantive equality’

All take place at School of Law, Trinity College Dublin at 7pm on the Thursday in question.
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