IJS workshop series 2015-16

We are pleased to note the schedule of IJS workshops:

Autumn/Winter 2015:

15 Oct 2015
Max Abrahamson, ‘Jurisprudence Above and Below the Surface’

29 Oct 2015
Barry Sullivan, Loyola University Chicago, ‘Interruptions in Search of A
Purpose: Oral Argument in the US Supreme Court, October Terms 1958-60 and
October Terms 2010-12’

5 Nov 2015
Oran Doyle, Trinity College Dublin, ‘Territory and Conventions’

26 Nov 2015
Neville Cox, Trinity College Dublin, ‘SAS v. France: Can Human Rights be an effective mediator between secularism and religion?’

10 Dec 2015
Robert Schehr, Northern Arizona University, ‘Mental Competency and Plea Bargaining’

Spring 2016 (dates to be confirmed, and more papers to be included):

Catherine Dupre, University of Exeter, ‘The Inviolability of Human Dignity’

Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov, Swansea University, ‘A Philosophy of Omissions’

Ioanna Tourkochoriti, NUI Galway, ‘Human dignity: a legal value?
Transatlantic disagreement in its definition and protection’

The workshops will run from 7pm to (at the latest) 9pm in the Law School,
House 39, Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated about one week
in advance.

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