Call for Papers – Trinity Workshop Series 2018

The Irish Jurisprudence Society is delighted to open a call for presenters for our Trinity Workshop Series 2018, which will run approximately between early April and mid-June.

The Irish Jurisprudence Society welcomes papers on any topic in legal theory in the wide sense of that phrase (see the past events at this website for details of previous workshops).

If you would like to present at a workshop please send a provisional title and a short abstract to the conveners at by no later than 12th March.

Workshops will follow the usual IJS format: the author’s paper is circulated one week in advance to IJS members; at the workshop, the author has up to 40 minutes to present his or her paper followed by an hour or so of discussion.

The venue for these workshops will be the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin. The time will be 7pm on Thursdays. The dates for individual workshops are flexible and will be worked out with speakers.

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