IJS winter workshop schedule 2016

We are delighted to announce the schedule for the Winter workshop series of the Irish Jurisprudence Society:


Dr William Phelan, Trinity College Dublin, ‘The revolutionary doctrines of European law and the legal philosophy of Robert Lecourt’: 3rd November 2016
Professor Scott Sundby, University of Miami,  ‘The Rugged Individual’s Guide to the Bill of Rights: How the Supreme Court’s Idealized Citizen Shapes, Influences, and Excludes the Exercise of Constitutional Rights’ 17th November 2016
Professor Garrett Barden, ‘De Regula Iuris’: 1st December 2016 (**this is a changed date from previously noted**)
Dr Alexander Heinze, University of Göttingen, ‘Blurred Lines- The dissolution of the divide between substantive and procedural law through the goals of International Criminal Justice’: 15th December 2016
The workshops will run from 7pm to (latest) 9pm and in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated approximately one week in advance.
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