IJS workshop schedule spring 2017

Dr Thomas McMorrow, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, ‘MAiD in Canada? Debating the Constitutionality of Canada’s New Medical Assistance in Dying Law’  23rd February 2017
Mr David Campbell, Trinity College Dublin; ‘Crime/Tort distinction through lenses of Result Focused and Conduct Focused Duties’  9th March 2017
Dr David Kenny, Trinity College Dublin ‘Global Law and Phrenology’ 23rd March 2017
Mr Rian Derrig, European University Institute, ‘Public Policy’ 6th April 2017
Dr Eoin Daly, NUI Galway; TBC   20th April 2017
Professor Garrett Barden, professor emeritus, University College Cork, ‘De Regula Iuris’ 4th May 2017
Papers will be circulated approximately one week in advance.
The workshops will run from 7pm to (latest) 9pm and in Room 11 in the Law School, House 39 of Trinity College Dublin. 
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