Call for Abstracts – IJS Workshops 2022-23

Welcome to the website of the Irish Jurisprudence Society (IJS). Founded in 2007, the IJS’s purpose is to promote the study of jurisprudence and improve the standard of jurisprudential writing in Ireland.

IJS’s activities include:

* Two (and sometimes three) series of workshops per year for work-in-progress jurisprudential papers. Eighteen series of workshops have been completed as of early 2017; amounting to over 80 individual workshop papers, many of which have been subsequently published in leading peer reviewed journals or as chapters in monographs. See the latest series here.

* The IJS Public Lecture series: speakers to date have been David DyzenhausPhilip Pettit, William Twining, and Joseph Raz.

* IJS conferences/symposia have also been held at NUI Galway, University College Cork, and Trinity College Dublin.