Workshop series line up: Autumn/Winter 2013

Date Speaker Paper
17 October 2013 Dr Brian Flanagan, Lecturer, Dept of Law, NUI Maynooth ‘Why Count Votes?’
31 October 2013 Dr David Kenny, Lecturer, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin ‘Something for everyone: the protean nature of the proportionality principle in Ireland and Canada’
13 November 2013 (edit: date changed) Dr Donal Coffey, Lecturer in Law, Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth ‘HLA Hart’s Rule of Recognition, Constituent Authority and the British Constitution’
21 November 2013 Dr Niamh Connolly, Lecturer, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin ‘Justifying unjust enrichment law: the liberty paradox’
5 December 2013 Professor Desmond M Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University College Cork ‘Legal responsibility, mens rea, and strict liability’

The venue will the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, with workshops taking place at 7pm and papers circulated to IJS members in advance.

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