IJS Workshop series line up: Autumn 2014

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the 2014 Autumn series of Irish Jurisprudence Society workshops:

2 October 2014

Professor Michal Alberstein, Bar Ilan University
“From Theories of Formalism to Empirical Studies of Criminal Cases: Measuring Legal Complexity”


16 October 2014

Dr Antonia Barragia, State University of Milan

“The Constitutional Courts’ hour has struck? Recent trends in the dialogue between the CJEU and Constitutional Courts”


30 October 2014

Dr Eoin O’Dell, Trinity College Dublin

“Freedom of Expression the Rule of Law”


13 November 2014

Professor Desmond M Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, UCC

“Direct and Oblique Intentions”


The workshops will run from 7pm to (at the very latest) 9pm in the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated about one week in advance.

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