Spring workshop series 2012 line up

We are very pleased to announce the line up of the forthcoming IJS Spring/Summer 2012 workshop series:

29 March
Dr Shane Glackin, School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Trinity
College Dublin
‘Back to Bundles; Deflating Property Rights, Again’

12 April
Dr Alan Brady, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin
‘Honesty is the Best Policy: Human Rights Norms, Epistemological
Uncertainty and Political Choices in Adjudication’

26 April
Mr Brian O’ Beirne, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin
‘On the Vanity of Normative Legal Positivism’

10 May
Dr Padraig McAuliffe, Law School, University of Dundee,
‘Parallel Conversations: Why Peace-Builders and Transitional Justice
Practitioners Mean Different Things When they Talk about the Rule of
Law. ‘

Workshops will take place in the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin from 7pm.

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