Symposium at UCC, 17 April 2010

Below are the speakers and paper titles for the IJS/UCC Law Faculty Symposium on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory at University College Cork on Saturday, 17 April 2010. The schedule and running order will be confirmed shortly. The Symposium will be free to attend. Please register your interest in attending with the Symposium’s Convenor, Dr Maria Cahill <>

* * IJS Symposium on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, 17 April, UCC * *

Dr Shane Kilcommins, “The Security State and Constitutional Justice: the dangers of ignoring a ‘rights-based conception of the Rule of Law’ that ensures that ‘the majority cannot travel as fast or as far as it would like’”

Mr John McGroarty, “The International Judge at the ECtHR: politics, the judiciary and the advancement of human rights jurisprudence”

Dr Darren O’Donovan, “The Role of Rights in Furthering Democratic Decision-Making: The Fruitful Conflict between Deliberative Democrats and Critical Race Theorists”

Dr Seán Patrick Donlan, ‘“The drunkenness of things being various”: legal theory in historical and comparative perspective’

Dr Oran Doyle, “True Morality and the No Necessary Connection Thesis”

Mr Thomas Patrick Murray, “The Politics of Property and Principle: Economic Rights in the Drafting of the Irish Free State Constitution”

Mr Eoin Daly, ‘The relationship between law and liberty in Rawls’ political liberalism and Pettit’s neo-republicanism: re-locating the frontiers of the “political.”’

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