Workshop number 2 of Spring series '08

The second workshop of the IJS Spring series 2008 took place on 6 March 2008.  Tom Hickey, PhD Candidate, NUI Galway presented his paper “Natural Law and the Accommodation of Diversity in a Pluralist Society”

 The remaining workshops of the Spring series are listed below. The venue is the Law School in Trinity College Dublin. Workshops take place in the evening, starting at 7pm. 

10 April
Dr Bebhinn Donnelly, Lecturer, Swansea University
“The ‘Special’ Nature of Morality in Judicial Reasoning”

24 April
Prof Gerard Quinn, Lecturer, NUI Galway
“Nazi Legality Revisited”

1 May
Dr Oran Doyle, Lecturer in Law, TCD
“Dworkin: Adjudication, Value, Indeterminacy”


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