IJS Workshop Series 2007 line up

The provisional line up for the first workshop series of the IJS:

11 October 2007 – Diarmuid Rossa Phelan “The hypocrisy of complexity in substantive law and practice

25 October 2007 – Donal Coffey “Hart’s Rule of Recognition: The Vagaries of Constitutional Foundation

9 November 2007 – Brian Foley “Jurisprudence and Constitutional Interpretation

22 November 2007 – David Prendergast “Arguing from a legal positivist perspective about what the structure of the constitution ought to be

6 December 2007 – David Langwallner “Reflections on Hart’s Internal Point of View

This series will take place in Trinity College Dublin Law School (Room 11 of House 39, which is near the centre of TCD campus).

Workshops begin at 7pm and may run until 9pm. All but one – Friday, 9 November – fall on a Thursday.

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