Call for Papers: IJS Workshops

The Irish Jurisprudence Society welcomes applications to present a paper at its first annual series of workshops on jurisprudence.  

Participants will present a paper with a view to receiving feedback from other members of the society. The work can be a draft article or chapter from a PhD thesis, or even just an exegesis of some idea that a person wants to explore. These workshops will last for two hours, with 40 minutes for presentation of the paper and up to one hour and 20 minutes for discussion. It is absolutely essential that the paper be distributed 10 days in advance of the workshop. 

We plan to host the first series of workshops in the Law School, Trinity College Dublin in Michaelmas term (October to December). The workshops will take place in the evening, probably 6.30-8.30. We intend to run the workshops on a fortnightly basis and will run 4, 5 or 6 depending on the level of interest. 

We appreciate that workshops in Dublin will not be convenient for quite a few members. We would be very keen for workshops to happen in other venues as well, so if any member or potential member would like to discuss non-Dublin workshops, please contact us.

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