IJS Public Lecture: David Dyzenhaus, ‘The Public Conscience of the Law: From Hobbes to Hart’

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The Irish Jurisprudence Society and the School of Law , Trinity College Dublin are delighted to welcome Prof. David Dyzenhaus Professor of Law and Philosophy and Albert Abel Chair, University of Toronto, Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professor, University of Cambridge.

On Wednesday, 1 April 2015, he will give an IJS public lecture titled ‘The Public Conscience of the Law: From Thomas Hobbes to HLA Hart’

The lecture will be chaired by Professor Maeve Cooke, UCD School of Philosophy

Date:                    Wednesday, 1 April 2015
Time:                    6pm
Venue:                  Ui Chadhain Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

All are very welcome.

IJS workshop series Spring 2015 schedule

The Spring 2015 series line up:

19 March – Mr David Langwallner, Griffith College Dublin, ‘The Rule of Law’

2 April – Prof Garrett Barden, ‘Morality, law, legislation’

16 April  – Dr Cathal Curran, UCC,  ‘The literal rule and common sense adjudication – applying Lonergan studies to legal interpretation’

30 April  – Dr Eoin Daly, NUIG, ‘Freedom as non-domination in the jurisprudence of constitutional rights’

7 May  – Dr John Danaher, NUIG, ‘The Threat of Algocracy: Reality, Resistance and Accommodation’

The workshops will run from 7pm to (at the latest) 9pm in the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated about one week in advance to the IJS mailing list. Email irishjurisprudencesociety at gmail dot com for information.

IJS Workshop series line up: Autumn 2014

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the 2014 Autumn series of Irish Jurisprudence Society workshops:

2 October 2014

Professor Michal Alberstein, Bar Ilan University
“From Theories of Formalism to Empirical Studies of Criminal Cases: Measuring Legal Complexity”


16 October 2014

Dr Antonia Barragia, State University of Milan

“The Constitutional Courts’ hour has struck? Recent trends in the dialogue between the CJEU and Constitutional Courts”


30 October 2014

Dr Eoin O’Dell, Trinity College Dublin

“Freedom of Expression the Rule of Law”


13 November 2014

Professor Desmond M Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, UCC

“Direct and Oblique Intentions”


The workshops will run from 7pm to (at the very latest) 9pm in the Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin. Papers will be circulated about one week in advance.

Spring 2014 Workshop schedule

The line up for the forthcoming series:
20 February 2014
Prof Garrett Barden, ‘The Great Oversight’
6 March 2014

Dr Bebhinn Donnelly, ‘Intention as Intentional Action; Some Implications for Attempts’

20 March 2014
Dr James Gallen, ‘The Circumstances of Transition’

3 April 2014
Dr Liz Heffernan, ‘Theorising Hearsay’
17 April 2014
Dr Eoin Daly, ‘Adjudication and symbolic power in complex societies: Rousseau on judging and lawyering’
1 May 2014

Ms Christine Ryan, ‘Making visible the ‘dissensus’ between the denial of reproductive freedom and the promise of substantive equality’

All take place at School of Law, Trinity College Dublin at 7pm on the Thursday in question.

Spring workshop series 2014 call for papers

The following call for papers went out to the IJS mailing list on 31 January 2014:

This is a call for papers for the Irish Jurisprudence Society’s Spring
Workshop Series 2014. 

Workshops will follow the usual format: the author’s paper is
circulated in advance to IJS members; at the workshop, the author has up to
40 minutes to present his or her paper followed by an hour or so of discussion.

The venue for these workshops will be the Law School, House 39,
Trinity College Dublin. The time will be 7pm on Thursdays. The dates
for individual workshops will be worked out with

If you would like to present at a workshop please reply to this email
with a provisional title and a short abstract as soon as you can. If
you have already been in contact with us about a workshop, we should be in contact  with you but please feel free to get in touch to remind or update us. 

Papers can be on any topic in legal theory in the wide sense of that phrase.

See the IJS website at https://irishjurisprudencesociety.org/past-events/ for
details of previous workshops. 

David Prendergast and Julien Sterck (workshop convenors)

Workshop – Des Clarke on strict liability – 5 December

The fifth and final of the IJS autumn/winter workshop series will take place in Trinity Law School at 7pm on 5 December 2013. Professor Desmond M Clarke will present his paper:

‘Legal responsibility, mens rea, and strict liability’

Workshop – Niamh Connolly – Justifying unjust enrichment law: the liberty paradox

On 21 November 2013 Dr Niamh Connolly, Trinity College Dublin, will present her paper:‘Justifying unjust enrichment law: the liberty paradox’

The venue will be Room 11, Law School, House 39, Trinity College Dublin and the workshop will take place from 7pm.